Podcast: Big Bigfoot Braindump | Tower of Technobabble

Podcast: Big Bigfoot Braindump

We look at a slew of bigfoot news, including endless countdowns and bigfoot’s hairy back. Also, the new old Star Trek script recently brought to light, and how you can explore the solar system just like NASA – without leaving your seat.

Show Notes:

• The Lost Star Trek (TOS) script –

• Kentucky Slim picks up the NASA torch for the Tower of Technobabble by embracing the new hotness that is NASA’s Eyes on the solar system program –

• Also, there are plans to turn Australia or South Africa into a big radio telescope –

And now, the Bigfoot roundup. HiYa!

• Featuring “Big Back” of the head –

• Sasquatch DNA countdown clock (to Thursday) –

• Bigfoot DNA study facebook page –

• Bigfoot Tracker going to Canada to KILL BIGFOOT!

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