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Gonna kill me a Bigfoot

OK, here is a tiny little preview of something I’m going to briefly mention on the next podcast: this guy wants to kill a Bigfoot.

“If Bigfoot comes in my crosshairs tonight he will die.”


I swear, even though I gave up obsessing over Bigfoot for my New Year’s resolution, it’s stuff like this that keeps dragging me back.

Who is this guy? Why should we care? What makes him different from your average nut hiding in camo out in the woods? Well, I find this interesting because you are looking at Rick Dyer, one of the infamous Georgia boys. Back in 2008, he and the self-proclaimed “Best Bigfoot researcher ever” Tom Biscardi brought you the Bigfoot body in a freezer. Maybe you saw it on the news … it was all over CNN, FOX, BBC…

I wasn’t going to talk much about this guy even after the next podcast comes out, but this video came out 15 hours ago, and I just could not resist. Even though Biscardi and Dyer were both part of the biggest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, neither has stopped trying to be “legit.” You would think that the whole affair would have at least taught them a little humility. But no, if anything it fuels them to prove everyone else wrong and themselves right. Biscardi has never been more cocky on his podcast than right now, constantly pimping his DVD documentaries to a congregation of loyal yes-men and fans. And Dyer has been trying to make himself out as THE legit Bigfoot manhunter, and puts out tons of youtube videos claiming that he will now kill a Bigfoot and show us all. Also, he said that Canada is cool with it.

THIS is why I can’t turn away, this is why it keeps dragging me back. I’m sure other areas of interest attract their fair share of crazy, but you have to stand back in awe … in AWE at the personalities surrounding the hunt for Bigfoot.

If it’s even real.

Let’s get one last update from Matt:


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