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What I Learned from Twitter This Week

• The Tennessee GOP has continued their assault on gay rights with the “license to bully” bill. If passed, the Tennessee “license to bully” bill would allow students to justify bullying their gay peers by pointing to a political or religious conviction. – @SethGreen (http://signon.org/sign/stop-tennessees-licence?source=s.tw&r_by=828044)

• Tony Danza has played seven (7) guys named “Tony” – @BillCorbett

• New York Times confuses nerds everywhere with a headline @OldDogNewTits (https://twitter.com/#!/OldDogNewTits/status/162550460950122497/photo/1)

• Barry White’s songs are less romantic if you imagine, with precise detail, Barry White making love. – @michaeljnelson

• If your pro-SOPA argument starts out, “I don’t know anything about this, but…” just stop right there. Your argument is invalid. – @wilw

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