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Wednesday, the Tower is going on strike!

Hey, podcast and blog besties! We try not to get too political at the Tower, preferring to believe that there’s room for everyone at our little corner of the ‘Net (and besides, being built upon a druid burial ground as we are, we might be a separate country entirely; we’re looking into it). Unfortunately, there’s legislation before Congress that might endanger our little corner of the ‘Net, and everyone else’s little corner of the ‘Net. That’s right, big bad SOPA (and it’s Senatorial cousin, PIPA).

Basically, a lot of companies got together, bought some congress critters, and are trying to ram through some legislation that, in theory, could cripple a lot of the Internet we, and YOU, take for granted.

I could go into great detail, but people with a better grasp of the situation have already written it better than I could,
so check it out at your earliest convenience.

The fact that this legislation is being decided on by some who are gleefully ignorant of the Internet, online commerce and one could only assume a host of other things is especially troubling (seriously, it’s like saying “I’m no mechanic, so I’m going to ignore your advice to put oil in my car as a way of reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil).

So, many sites, including the Tower, will go on strike Wednesday, hopefully to raise awareness of what a damaged Internet really looks like. And, no, our egos are nowhere large enough to think we’ll make a determinable impact just by doing this (well, Towerbot’s might be) – we’re just one unique snowflake. And if you get enough unique snowflakes together, you can get an avalanche.

So, we’ll be away doing our “Norma Rae” thing on Wednesday, and we’ll be back to work on Thursday. Or buried under the endzone of Giants Stadium. We’ll see how it goes.

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