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Sorry, George. Star Wars belongs to us, now.

I was aware of “Star Wars Uncut,” a Vimeo-promoted project inviting the public to re-create every scene from Star Wars, 15 seconds at a time. The growing roster of clips has been on their site for some time, but now the good folks of SW:U have stitched each of these clips together to create a full version of the original Star Wars. It is available to view on the site itself and on YouTube. I watched a few minutes & was amused by what I saw, but had to stop because my brain couldn’t take it. Star Wars is a film that has been embossed into my grey matter and watching this ever-shifting doppelganger version is going to take my undivided attention. I will jump back in with a review after I have watched the entire film, if I can stand it. In the meantime, give it a try yourself, and see how you fare.

This project is a firm example that Star Wars is no longer the property of George Lucas. It belongs to the world, intellectual property rights be damned.

EDIT:  OK – I watched the entire thing. While so patchwork in nature it is constantly jarring, it is also a showcase of creativity & playfulness. I know Star Wars backwards & forwards, so I was able to follow no matter what it threw at me. It would be suitable for all ages were it not for a few bits of innuendo here and there & cursing during a parody clip. My suggestion is to watch until you cannot watch any more.

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  1. Paul says:

    Good lord, I love this!

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