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Seven degrees of Doctor Who

The good Doctor gets around, so he’s likely to bump into other franchises here and there. He gets close – by one degree – to the Transformers when he runs into a character that had just visited the inhabitants of Cybertron. Comic writer Simon Furman had written a story involving his character, Death’s Head, tangling with the Autobots & Decepticons and used the classic “time portal” plot contrivance to get him out of the Transformers Universe (Transformers UK#151) and into a different book (Dragon’s Claws#4). To get DH down from Transformer-size to human-size, however, this trip also involved Death’s Head colliding with the TARDIS and taking a hit from the Doctor’s Tissue Compression Eliminator. As a bounty hunter…er…Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Death’s Head values a good deal, and is quickly dispatched by the 7th Doctor’s exploitation of that character flaw.

This short meeting led to future dealings between the two, but that is a different story, yes?


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