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Public Service Announcement for AT&T Users

Hey, everyone! Quick PSA for AT&T users (you know who you are) from your friends at the Tower.

Earlier today, I got this puzzling text message on the iPhone:

You will now rev
Alts. $9.99/mo charged to
wireless bill; 3 msg/wk.
Reply HELP for help, reply
STOP to cancel.
Msg&data rates may

(At this point, I would like to point out that I had never asked for MyFunAlerts, don’t want Fun Alerts, and most decidedly don’t want to pay 10 bucks a month for Fun Alerts. I AM A FUN ALERT, by God.)

I did a quick Internet search and found out that several people actually HAD been charged for the privilege of receiving Fun Alerts. I called AT&T and asked about it, and sure enough, I was signed up for a $9.99 fun alert plan. The AT&T Rep took it off the bill and removed it from my plan. “How can they do this,” I asked. It’s like Newsweek saying they’re going to take $10 out of your account every month whether you want the magazine or not. The rep said that as long as they offer you an out (“STOP,” in this case), it was legal. Seemed to me that it would be as bad an idea to reply to this as replying to span in your email inbox, but them’s the rules, she said. I asked if I could get a subscription blocker service so that this doesn’t happen in the future, and she said they didn’t offer that. That flies against other things I’ve read online doing my research, so I’m going to have to check in on that.

So, in closing, watch your back, because they’re all out to get you. At $9.99 a month. Message and data rates may apply.

P.S. I should also note that I didn’t get an alerts, so I cannot say that the alerts aren’t fun. They could be the bee’s knees of fun, but seeing as they come from a company that apparently has the business ethics of mobsters, and should be strongly outlawed and, in my opinion, taken out back, shot in the head twice and hung up on the telephone poles outside of town as a warning to others who might have this idea, I’m probably not the best judge of this.

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2 Responses to “Public Service Announcement for AT&T Users”

  1. Daggor says:

    Sweet merciful crap. This is all it would take for me to dump them at my first opportunity.

  2. Monica Wolfson says:

    You forgot to mention that you also have to pay for the text message you have to send to say “Stop.” The fact that you have to pay to cancel a service you never requested should make it illegal. I was getting all sorts of spam texts that ATT was charging me for. They came primarily addressed to “Denise,” the woman I suspect had the phone number before me, since I show up as Denise on my parent’s caller ID whenever I call their home line. I ended up blocking all incoming text messages, which is free to do. If you want to block a specific number, ATT charges 4.99 a month PER phone number you wish to block. It’s ridiculous. And it is completely ridiculous that it is legal for these scam companies to message you and sign you up automatically for a plan you do not want, but ATT does not offer a way to block these services. I wonder if their tune would change if you threatened to leave them for Verizon.

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