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Russian Yeti update: STUNT!!

Well, THAT didn’t take long!

It’s been confirmed that yesterday’s capture of a Bigfoot in Russia was a publicity stunt.

I mean, it was kinda obvious….


News reports from the Ingushetia region of Russia claimed that military border control agents captured a 2 meter tall creature. The Minister of Labour and Social Development, Bagaudin Marshani, described the beast as being like a gorilla but standing upright like a human. He went on to tell reporters what the Yeti’s growls sounded like, and that it was eating meat and vegetation. The captured Bigfootski was being kept behind bars in a local zoo until officials from Moscow could be brought in to study it.

But then later on conflicting reports said that Minister Marshani was claiming his statement had been misquoted by reporters — and the creature was in fact a “… life-size puppet that we are going to use for New Year holidays.” The puppet was to be part of a 3-day festival for kids where they would get to meet the captured “Yeti” as well a bunch of other critters, like a talking wolf and squirrel. Marshani scolded reporters for not checking the facts.

But now it seems Marshani has come clean, retracting his earlier statements and admitting the video footage had been staged as a “…stunt to promote a national park.”

UPDATE!! — A third story is now coming out from Minister Marshani, saying that the hoax was set up to help orphans. (See story HERE)  A local hotel worker was to stay in the zoo dressed up as the Snowman/Yeti/whatever beast, and visitors would pay a donation to see it. All the proceeds were going to help needy children. Says Marshani: “It was a promotional event, a New Year joke to put the spotlight on orphans and children from dysfunctional and low-income families.”


So yeah, it’s kinda sad. From what I’ve read Ingushetia is a terribly poor region, complete with violence and crime. I almost get the feeling the locals were grasping at straws to try and find a way to make a little money and bring in tourism. They’ve always had the tradition of Yeti stories … why not cash in? Hell, places like Louisville Kentucky pull that crap all the time. Fifty weeks out of the year they don’t give a damn about horses, but as soon as the Kentucky Derby comes around in May (as well as all its tourist dollars) the whole city pretends to own a saddle. Also you can park in their driveway for $75.

Hey it just occurred to me … looking at that map, Ingushetia is just north of Georgia!

Isn’t Georgia where THIS GUY swore he touched and prodded a real Bigfoot body in a freezer? Funny how all these connections can be made…


(And yes, I KNOW it’s not the same Georgia. Just like it’s not really Bigfoot. It never is.)



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