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Podcast: Thanks and Spanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all! This week, we stick a fork in lab-grown meat, ponder alien eviction notices, look at sexy ghosts, and give things we are thankful and not thankful for in 2011. Also, how to make an impression at the Thanksgiving table. Follow these tips and you will live forever.


Tower of Technobabble 45 – Thanks and Spanks

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Show links:
• The “official” Star Wars train set (heirloom quality, and also glows in the dark!) –
http://www.bradfordexchange.com/products/917623_star-wars-train-collection.html or http://www.amazon.com/Express-Glow-Dark-Train-Collection/dp/B005C3K032 (be the first to review!)

• Lab-grown meat (or, the food that never had a face) is closer than you think –

• Will aliens destroy humanity to protect the rest of the universe? Only the aliens know for sure –
and http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1104/1104.4462.pdf

• Ghostly Boooo-tty call in Northeast Ohio (and that pun was alllll Repeater, thankyouverymuch) –

• NASA Wants YOU to Join Astronaut School –

• The Rifftraxs for the Twilight movies (do yourself a favor) –

• Too much “D” in your 3D movies? ThinkGeek has a solution! –

• The sad, sad state of affairs at Marvel Comics –

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5 Responses to “Podcast: Thanks and Spanks”

  1. SarahPeas says:

    On it…. Once I get home! 😉

  2. SarahPeas says:

    I have nipples, George Lucas, can you milk me?

    Paul, “the pioneer in me?” WOW.

    Sexual… healing…..Ghosts – What? How? Wait, if I was a “ghost”, I would NEVER wear heels again….EVER! Priorities spirits, Priorities.

    Buddy, you sound fantastic. No worries on this one at all.

    NASA wants my son, I think. Nevermind, he’ll be WAY too tall. 6’3″??

    I am thankful that you guys are my friends.

    ….In the year 25 25… i’m kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive…

    MST3K, Conduit! I MISS that show.

    Enough with the Twilight….

    I have not seen Super 8, I want to.

    Okay… I will listen to the last half tonight. I want to miss traffic!

  3. SarahPeas says:

    Medieval Scotland – LOVE IT!

    FAIRE skin?? Really?

    Annnnddd. … I thought you were gonna be serious for a sec. ;p

    Tom Baker doll!!!!!

    Bella’s not underaged, FYI – Read the books. I’m a chick sue me.

    Ben=Glenn Beck!

    Google + was definitely a big MEH.

    I HATE 3-D. Can’t do it.

    Are you kidding me? Fake planes…. d.u.m.b. Seriously, if the aliens have the tech to make us see “fake planes” wouldn’t they have GOOD technology??? It is funny.

    Awww Ben. You guys are awesome and so is TOT!

    Maybe it’s the Marvel guy’s last name. I’d be a bitter bastard too.

    … acidentally … 10 times? …. hilarious.

    I could see my husband dressing as Quark!

    Segreation never, integration now!

    Conduit! That’s what she said as often as possible. Kill me now!

    I love you boys.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Ben says:

    Hey Sarah!! I see you got the podcast, and took more notes about it than I did!!

    Did you listen on the way to Corydon?
    I’m glad you figured it out … it’s nice to have a listener.

  5. SarahPeas says:

    I did not. I listened at home this time. I am going to go back and get all retro Podcast on the Tower! 🙂 As long as you do them, I will listen. besitos.

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