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We Eat It – So You Don’t Have To: Hostess Chocwave

Excelsior! After days of searching, I finally located a market carrying the Transformer
themed Hostess snack cakes. I wanted to do a review of at least one of the specialty items – Hostess Snoballs are better used to fire from a Nerf gun, so I am tackling a box of Chocwave chocolate cupcakes – so you don’t have to! The Chocwave is the usual chocolate Hostess cupcake, except it has purple frosting with sugar sprinkles instead of the chocolate frosting and signature white swirl.

The best part about holiday or themed packaged candy & baked goods is that they are fresher than usual. I have fond memories of Hostess cupcakes and Twinkles from childhood, mostly due to the fact that they are portable cakes you can stash in a lunch box without fear of much damage befalling them due to their solid construction. The expected freshness factor is there, the highlight if the experience. The chocolate cake is moist, bordering in crumbly. The cream filling is sugary and a tad oily. The purple frosting functions almost like a skin atop the cupcake, the sprinkles a nice change but are little more than decoration. Pictured you will see the food tester taking the traditional “about to eat a Hostess product” stance, just like Batman or Daredevil would in the back of ye olde comic books. I made sure this was an authentic experience.
What else can I say? It’s a Hostess cupcake. If you have had one before, you know what to expect. If you haven’t danced with Twinkie the Kid or Fruitpie the Magician, you should know that these Transformer themed cakes are a cute diversion, but little more. It’s sugar and fat dressed up in a cute Halloween costume, only to be eaten by those needing a sugar rush at arm’s length. Making me the logical choice to finish off the box.


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