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It’s CausePlay, not Cosplay: The 501st

If you’re looking for honor among cosplayers, or, more fittingly: “CausePlayers,” look to the 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist.” An organization of fans that make and wear costumes based on Imperial troops, Sith Lords, and other assorted villains from the Star Wars universe, these dedicated costume enthusiasts have grown in number and acclaim to the point where they are asked to official and unofficial Star Wars events and have members in their ranks including Jeremy (Classic trilogy Boba Fett) Bulloch, and honorary members David (the REAL Darth Vader) Prowse and George (The flanneled one) Lucas.

They take the organization seriously, doing events for charity, and costumes must be reasonably authentic in appearance & approved before members are admitted. Enjoy the clips below, and visit the official site here:

EDIT: The Empire’s reach is even greater thanks to Twitter, and I have corrected to “CausePlayer.” We salute you!

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