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Cosplay month: San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con

Ah, the ‘Con. What fertile ground for the cosplayer – and it looks like a bumper crop this year! We wrap up Cosplay Month at the Tower with a look at all of the hard work and imagination that goes into these costumes in the form of montage videos from two of the big conventions where cosplayers show off their passion projects.

By nature, comic book/sci-fi characters tend to get a lil’ NSFW when made flesh, so if you want to wade deeper into any more YouTube videos, you may become slightly offended or further intrigued. Proceed with caution. Enjoy these scratches of the surface of cosplay congregations: The first link is from Beat Down Boogie with a classy look at Dragon*Con, and the second a clip from Nerdreactor covering San Diego Comic-Con

Both videos have better-than-most production values and contain a rap/techno soundtrack, presumably to give the nerdfest a little hipness and polish. If you have ever been to a ‘Con, though, you are aware the place probably smelled of Taco Bell and Pocky.


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