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Cosplay Classics: Tron Guy

Cosplay can garner you worldwide fame. We’re talking Internet fame here. What I like most about the phenomenon of Tron Guy (given name: Jay Maynard) is that it appears to have been entirely accidental. Mr. Maynard was simply a Tron enthusiast that crafted his own costume and, thanks to the electric Internet, decided to post detailed instructions illustrating how he built it, complete with photos. Just a few years later, this kind of activity is an obvious attempt at money & fame, but this fellow just wanted to post images of his office computers, hobbies, and homemade Tron costume for any and all interested. The spread of the photos of Tron Guy grinning in full Tron gear was a result of the world laughing at him, but I respect the man. He has been on television. He has been in music videos and commercials. He got a mention in South Park and has a Wikipedia entry. As far as I can tell, this man has ascended into the hall of the immortals.

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