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Cosplay Addendum: The Repeater’s Worst Nightmare

It’s gonna be a busy next couple of weeks for the Repeater. Now any yo-yo off the street can buy a spiffy, 70’s-movie-quality Bigfoot costume off the rack and go tromping around from bar to bar during the Halloween season, or jump out from behind bushes to scare the Snickers out of unsuspecting 5-year-olds. There could be thousands of faux Sasquatches out in the open this month. This might be the time of the year that Bigfeet roam the earth freely, searching for their own personal John Lithgow. I am not sure when Halloween stopped being just for kids and the 20-somethings started putting on costumes and going out to get hammered. It’s quite an industry, with every abandoned brick-and-mortar bookstore being temporarily transformed into a warehouse full of fog juice, scar putty and sexy vampire costumes. It’s a different scene from the hardcore cosplayers – for them, a large portion of the experience is construction the costumes themselves or assembling it from various sources. I suppose if you need to be Bigfoot and you need to be Bigfoot now, going for a prepackaged suit isn’t all bad. Just please, please don’t take blurry photos in the woods. EDIT: Hey. The package has the costume labeled “Big Foot.” Does somebody have “Bigfoot” trademarked?

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2 Responses to “Cosplay Addendum: The Repeater’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Ben says:

    Personally, I would only purchase a “sexy” Big Foot costume. Because that’s what Halloween is really all about.

  2. Daggor says:

    Do not even say such a thing! They will make it real! Unless… the “Bugs Bunny” approach is the best way to lure a ‘Squatch into the area. Hmmm…

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