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Podcast: Alderaan Shoots First


This week, we roll up our Jedi robes and dive deep into Star Wars. How are Padme and Evel Knievel alike? What’s Walrus man’s real back story? And, along the way, we fix a couple of the major plot holes, even though no one asked us to. No need to thank us; just part of our jobs.

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Show links:

• Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon Jump –

• Star Wars kerfuffle, or “NOOOOOOO!” –


• 20th anniversary of “Heir to the Empire” being published –


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One Response to “Podcast: Alderaan Shoots First”

  1. SarahPeas says:

    Ben! I had all the Star Wars figures (still at Mom’s actually) and evil Kneivel. Not the Snake canyon thing, but just the spangles on the motorcycle that had the pull cord thingee.

    I seriously think they should leave the rest of Star Wars to the books. Some really great Sci-fi writers have done an amazing job! The books are really good and I see them as a different artist’s interpretation. I will admit I like Clone Wars though.

    The lack of air in space, thus negating the realistic occurrence of explosions, is the reason that my father will not watch Star Wars.

    I can totally see james doing that!

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