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Doctor makes house call, about four years early

I saw this over a week ago and I assumed the “Internet had it” and everybody in the whole wide world was aware of this bit of video, but I still see it pop up here and there as being new. So! I want to make sure nobody misses this. I wish there had been some way for somebody to spring it on me as a complete surprise, but that’s hard to do with everything being in a Twitter feed or Facebook post or YouTube video.  Here’s the thing:



The first time I saw it, it was a SECOND link after the first one that caught my attention. Some car enthusiasts had been passing around a shaky video of a Toyota Celica dressed up in a Back to the Future Delorean Halloween costume – in Argentina, reportedly for some commercial in South America. Interesting. Then came this video… which fills me with happiness and warmth. I have watched it so many times, I think I’ve worn a rut in YouTube somewhere. If I haven’t mentioned this yet, Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time, hands down. You may have seen the Direct TV commercial that also features Doc Brown, only he pimps for the man at the end. Still fun, but this viral video (for the Argentinian equivalent for “Best Buy”) does it right. No logo, no announcer, just a surprise appearance from Doc Brown in 2011caught on a smartphone camera. The fact that the smartphone catches the Doc’s interest is the perfect ending. Along with Christopher Lloyd in his radiation suit, he sound effects are there, right on cue (the classic whir when the gull wing door opens is missing – a curious omission since there was such attention to detail.)

I went to BTTF to learn more about it and, well, the car used for the non-stunt shots was lent to the production by the guys at BTTF. I suppose they had to keep a low profile to maintain the surprise. There is a second video, a B&W “security cam” video with no sound that shows the crash and emergence of the Doc – I am unsure which one was released first. It’s no “Back to the Future 4,” but it’ll do just fine. It is reassuring to know that if you have the scratch, Chris Lloyd will suit up for one more flux of his capacitor.

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