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Back to the Future 1.5

Well, now were are getting into “embarrassment of riches” territory. Christopher Lloyd has reprised his role as Doc Brown yet again in a commercial for the 2011 Nike Mag. Featuring the original location for the Twin/Lone Pine Mall, this clip suffers from cutesey-ness, but it could actually be considered part of the “lost time” from Doc ‘s adventure at the end of the first film. As part 2 begins, Doc lets Marty know that when he discovered the problems with his children when he arrived in Nov. 2015, he jumped ahead to see how everything played out. We must assume that Doc also visited Oct. 21, 2015 at least once before to work out his timetable. Just for fun, I’m going to assume that this short visit to 2011 was a hiccup in that plan, and this may be the first instance the time circuits malfunctioned, as the Doc seems to be aware of the problem in part 2.

I promise I won’t post any more Back to the Future stuff for a while, unless Crispin Glover does a one-man play on Broadway called “The George McFly Experience.”

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