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Unidentified Sunken Object Spotted

Somewhere on the bottom of the Baltic Sea there exists an anomaly. See photo below.

Sonar image - (Credit: Peter Lindberg)

The only thing known about it is that it’s 180ft in diameter and very Millennium-Falcon-esque. The Swedish salvage team that discovered the object makes no assumptions about what it is. It could be an unusual rock formation, or the remains of a human habitat once above the water…or as my brother puts it “Could be the Millennium Falcon crashed while in reverse”.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The team heads back soon to find out once they raise the money to go. If they find a wookie skeleton down there I’ll rescind all my negative comments about George Lucas. In the meantime, happy hunting Ocean Explorer Team.

*Update* – During the recording of last night’s podcast I asked our resident oceanography expert/aquanaut, Monica Wolfson, her thoughts about it and she suggested that it could be a depression in the sea floor caused by the violent release of methane. Just another interesting possibility to add to the list. Also there is some question about the ethics of essentially holding a potential discovery for ransom by asking for donations on the Ocean Explorer website.
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