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Podcast: Revenge of the Conduit

The Conduit puts down the Rageohol long enough to tell the Repeater where he was mistaken about superheroes last week. Also, Apple loses Jobs, the Earth loses Bud Hopkins and we celebrate the Great Moon Hoax of 1835.

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Show links:
• Steve Jobs resigns – http://boingboing.net/2011/08/24/steve-jobs-resigns-as-apple-ceo.html
(This is the only link you’ll find on the entire Internet; trust us.)

• Bud Hopkins, father of the alien-abduction movement, dies –

• The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 –

• DNA evidence for bigfoot? Maybe…. –

• The Williams-Sonoma Marvel comic –

• Superman and the TRS-80 whiz kids –
and also http://www.strangecult.com/pisser/whiz_kids.html

Wonder Woman discusses why she should be taken seriously as an executive with a crime-fighting hobby:


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