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Podcast: Bomb Da Smurfs!


This week, join the repeater, the conduit and a newly upgraded Kentucky slim as we discuss a smorgasbord of topics, including earth’s stalker, stoned wallabies, zombie smurfs and rockin’ micronations. The Tower is a micronation, y’know, and by reading this, you’re a citizen, whether you wanted to be our not….

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Show links:
• The Trojan asteroid – http://io9.com/5825269/earths-first-known-trojan-asteroid-follows-our-orbit-like-a-second-earth

• Crop Circles created by science … question mark? –

• …or it could be stoned wallabies –

• Betty and Barney Hill UFO incident gets historic marker –

• That’s smurfed up, man – http://www.tuaw.com/2011/02/09/smurf-it-all-to-smurf-in-app-purchases-ring-up-1-400-in-charge/

• Micronations of the world, unite! (or would that defeat the purpose?) – http://www.micronations.net/

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