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The reviews are coming in and Rotten Tomatoes has (Rise of the) Planet of the Apes at 80% fresh. Reviews often don’t mean much, but I’m watching the success of this film for a few reasons. Number one is my unfaltering, passionate hatred for James Franco. I’d like to see this thing tank just to get Franco off my radar and on Dancing with the Stars where he belongs.

On the other hand, I’d like to see this do well if it’s actually a nice take on the origin that depends on character to sell the sci-fi. I dig Andy Serkis and am glad to see him working, as he seems to be a talented actor that wouldn’t get much work otherwise since he’s not 19 , shirtless and/or Robert Pattinson. The film has John Lithgow, always a fave. Brian Cox? Draco Malfoy? Sure, bring ’em on.

Then there’s the whole “another Hollywood remake” angle that usually has me rooting for a film’s failure again. I am torn. I won’t be seeing it in theaters myself, but the summer has a hefty handful of genre movies that have not set the world on fire. This will have serious repercussions on future events. If it does well, will it mean more thoughtful sci-fi, or just more star vehicles for James Franco and Freida Pinto?

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