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What IS open-mindedness really?

Has this ever happened to you? Someone is telling you about an amazingly unbelievable something they saw on Ghost Hunters or Monster Quest or Troll Patrol or Chupacabra Squares — a something so unreal that it proves for them the paranormal is real. And in response, you express doubts …

And after expressing your doubts about the reliableness of evidence from a TV show, have you ever been accused of  being “Close-minded”?

The number-one comeback response to anyone who does not believe in ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and shadow government is that the doubter needs to be more OPEN-MINDED to supernatural possibilities. It’s a sort of backhanded insult to throw at someone, a way to tell them politely that they are stubborn, pig-headed, and unwilling to open their eyes. Hey, I freely admit to doing this to people. Whenever anyone expressed doubts over Bigfoot, I was the first to say they needed to get an open mind.

But you know, ever since Kentucky Slim, The Conduit and I started this lil podcast I’ve come to question my own beliefs. It first started a few years ago when I heard that people actually had reasonable doubts about the famous 1967 Patterson Gimlin Sasquatch film … you know, the one EVERYONE has seen. My honest, first reaction was to think that the doubters were morons, and it was insane to not believe that film. I was reacting like they had insulted a religious artifact — and that reaction sort of surprised and scared me. To believe in fringe topics you need an open mind, yet I had become so convinced in the fringe I had actually closed my mind to reasonable questions. How had I sunk to THAT point?

So recently I’ve really been trying to re-assess what exactly being “open-minded” really means. I’ve found this nice little youtube clip which explores this very question, and if you have time I highly recommend it. It will make you feel a little better about being able to doubt that hot ghost hunter on TV and STILL have an open mind.




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