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So… it kinda sucks?

Drat. Early Friday box office reports are in, the reviews are in… and Cowboys vs. Aliens it’s doing very well. I still think I’d enjoy it, but the news has taken the air out of my desire to see it in theaters this weekend. A shame, as I thought it had the potential to be a cracking good film. I really can’t say much more until after I have seen it – which I certainly will. *Grunt* The best way to see this would be in a room full of sci-fi fans. I may have missed my chance. The best audience may have been for the Friday night opener

Worst part? The bloody Smurfs are beating it. That can’t be good for the future of cinema. While Hank (Apu, Cheif Wiggum, Moe the Bartender, etc.) Azaria as Gargamel is something I am interested in seeing… ‘m not driving to the cineplex and paying 3D prices to see that. I’ll catch it on cable.  Right after I see Cowboys and Aliens.

What say you, gang in the TOT? Did you see Cowboys vs. Aliens?

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3 Responses to “So… it kinda sucks?”

  1. Ben says:

    Well, i have not seen it, and honestly probably will not in the theater. I went to see “Harry Potter” last week, and I’m still eating Ramen Noodles to get my budget back on track.

    These film event extravaganzas just cost too much to see something unknown on a whim.
    I mean, “Harry Potter” was an event, the end of a journey. Neither “Cowboy Aliens” nor “Smurfs” are films that mean anything to me on an emotional level, they’re just there, you know? I suppose I might enjoy them, like when I’m flipping through the TV channels and it lands on something interesting, but I’m not motivated enough to pay a fistful of spacebucks to take the gamble.

    Maybe they could have tried to make the film more affordable by simply concentrating on one set group of characters … like make a film about either “Cowboys” OR just about “Aliens.” Either of those two by themselves are good, and something I might be able to afford. But my slamming them together in the same film just increased the overhead costs which trickle down to the ticket prices. They thought I wouldn’t notice that they’re trying to cram two films into one, but it’s just greedy man, greedy.

  2. Daggor says:

    I have only seen Harry Potter 7.2 and TF3 this summer. A summer movie round-up up would be a great topic. From what I’ve heard, Cap’n America and X-Men: First Class are good “comic book” movies, but even they haven’t made loads of money. I need a film I can get excited about (like those Catwoman pics).

  3. SarahPeas says:

    I saw HP 7.2 this summer and that was it. Oh and Mr. Popper’s Penguins…I have a 4 year old … sue me. It wasn’t that bad, even had some cute moments. As for HP 7.2…. I went in costume. Do I need to say anything else about that one??!

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