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Finally! A Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer!

Bat-nerds such as myself live for days like today. I didn’t want to pay nine bucks to wait in line for the Harry Potter conclusion to see the new teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” (due out July 20, 2012) on a big screen, so it sure feels good to be able to watch it at will in high resolution.

The trailer is filled primarily with footage from the first two films, as well as the audio of Liam Neeson’s speech to Bruce Wayne from “Batman Begins” about becoming a “legend.” But we do get to see one face shot of Bane (Tom Hardy), and we get to see a scene with James Gordon (Gary Oldman) lying in a hospital bed, seemingly near death, stating “we were in this together, and then you were gone,” and basically begging for Batman to come back. We then hear Bruce Wayne’s voice say, “What if Batman doesn’t exist any more?” To which Gordon says, “He must … he must.” Honestly, the dialogue here is kind of cheesy. But you can watch it and judge for yourself. I don’t want to pick nit.

Bane looks huge from this angle, and Batman looks beat up and scared. Looks like Bane is going to put some cartoon knots on Batman's head before this film is over.

Possibly the best clue we get to what might go down is in the few seconds at the end of the trailer in which we see a staggering and out-of-breath Batman backing up just before Bane appears in the foreground. It seems pretty clear that Bane is going to whip up on Bats pretty good in this film, not unlike when he “broke the Bat” in the comic book arc “Knightfall,” from back in 1993.

Of course, this all goes to explain the title. Batman apparently “retires” — at least temporarily — and then rises back up to finish his business. But what’s missing here? There is no allusion to Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), or to characters being portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Marion Cotillard, nor is there any new sightings of Ra’s al Ghul, young or old. Josh Pence was cast as young Ra’s, and rumors have circulated that Neeson was seen near filming in the U.K. Will Cotillard be Talia al Ghul? Levitt is playing a young cop named John Blake, but how large of a role will it be?

Still, as a “teaser,” it makes sense that director Christopher Nolan left plenty to the imagination. Bat-nerds will just have to wait a while to see more. And to get a look at Hathaway in the Catwoman costume. Meee-ow.


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