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Lake Monster Gallery!!

Hello podcast besties!!

In our next podcast due later today — episode #22 — we take a look at Lake Monsters! Or “logs” depending on your point of view.

The problem with discussing the history of lake monster sightings is that they tend to be visual in nature.

So, in order for you guys at home to follow along with us, we present this gallery as a companion to the podcast. So join us as we give you:


Neat, huh? So click on either the “more” link or this post’s headline, and we’ll start with:


You can view a stabilized version of the video HERE.

I looked all over but couldn’t find this old footage on its own. The best I could find was this old clip from the TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” that featured the video HERE, about 27 seconds in.

Again I couldn’t find the video on its own, but the ABC news report is HERE.

And finally:

So … what do you think?

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