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The Case for Piracy?

I’m not advocating doing anything illegal (let’s just clear that up from the get-go), but Adobe made a really good case for illegal downloading with me this morning.

Towerbot, engage rant mode.

Good luck with the Dreamweaver CS5.5 upgrade. You'll need it.

Okay, the new version of some of Adobe’s software came out this week — the CS5.5 packages. I looked, and the only one that I thought would make a good fit for my workflow was Dreamweaver CS5.5 (the Web authoring software). So, like a good boy, I ponied up my $119 and bought the upgrade for that bit of software. I downloaded it, plugged in my legally bought and paid for serial number, and sat back and let it do it’s thing.

Which was to spit out the message “The serial number you entered is valid, but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer.”

“Bullhocky,” says I.

After butting my head against this particular wall for a couple of minutes, I contact customer support, and had a live text chat with a very nice gentleman named Sanjay.

After giving Sanjay all the pertinent information, he replied “You cannot upgrade from a suite software to a point software.”

In other words, I was told that, since I bought my copy of Dreamweaver CS5 (and I stress the word “BOUGHT”) as part of the Adobe CS5 Master Collection, I couldn’t just upgrade one program. “You can upgrade your software to CS5.5 Master Collection, that has Dreamweaver 5.5,” Sanjay wrote. I wrote back that I really didn’t want to spend $550 dollars to get the upgrade I wanted.

I’m getting a refund (so I was told, anyway – if I don’t, I’m gonna cry havok and let slip the dogs of war, yo), but, really Adobe? Really? I tried to give you money for your software, and you decided that, because I bought all your software at one point, I should buy all of the upgrades from here on out? Really?

I haven’t looked through their Website with the magnifying glass to see where it tells me that this was the case in their update, but if it’s there, it needs to be more apparent.

Not cool.

And the hell of it is, when someone cracks it (and someone WILL crack it – I give it about a week before it starts showing up), you’ll be able to run it no matter what. Serial numbers penalize those willing to legally buy the software.

Just sayin’.

Towerbot, secure from rant mode.

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