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RIP Sarah Jane Smith

Well that’s a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing anytime soon.

It was announced today that the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who has died of cancer. Elisabeth Sladen was 63, and was universally loved as one of the Doctor’s best ever companions. In fact, he several times referred to Sarah as his “best friend.”

(BBC News story)

Sladen first appeared in the show back in 1973 along side the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. She went on to do a few more seasons with Doctor #4 Tom Baker, and later on returned to the role in 2006 alongside Doctor #10 David Tennant — where she proved to be so popular that she even got her very own spin-off series for the BBC Children’s channel. That show, “The Sarah Jane Adventures” has transmitted 4 seasons so far, and they were in the middle of filming the fifth. I haven’t heard if they had wrapped or not.

So the Doctor Who world is kinda in shock right now. I personally didn’t even know she was sick, and it really feels like a part of something special from my childhood has gone away. I sincerely hope her last days were happy. I’ll really miss her, and never forget those moments she brought to the old show — often it was her performance that turned a mediocre script into something wonderful.

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