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One Of The Unsung Heroes Of Music History

“Thoreau said– most men live lives of quiet desperation. I would like to know how it feels for my desperation to get louder.“ –Bill Withers
“You gonna tell me the history of the blues? I am the goddam blues. Look at me. Shit. I’m from West Virginia, I’m the first man in my family not to work in the coal mines, my mother scrubbed floors on her knees for a living, and you’re going to tell me about the goddam blues because you read some book written by John Hammond? Kiss my ass.”  –Bill Withers
Bill Withers vulnerably revealed the essence of who he was the night he told Johnny Carson, “I would like to say something that has not been said so much. I would like for music to be real for a change.”
“In my lifetime, music went through a huge transition, to where the biggest music in the world was derivative. White people imitating black people. Some journalist got really insulted a while back, because he asked if Elvis had influenced me. Hell, no! To do what?” –Bill Withers

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