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Doctor Who — a warning!

Something is coming…


I feel it’s my duty to warn anyone who regularly listens to the Tower podcast: Our next episode to come out, #17,  will be a challenge to listen to. It’s about an hour and a half of mainly me — the studdering repeater — talking and talking and TALKING about my favorite TV show.


In other words, the next podcast is a bit of a geek-out. And you have been warned!


Hey, we’re all in the trust taxi here, right? Well, many years ago I came out of the closet (a blue one) and confessed to the world my absolute, complete and unwavering love for the British sci-fi show “Doctor Who.” In the ol tower, I am the Doctor Who-geek … I have a uniform and everything. Ok, it’s a jumpsuit. Ok, it’s underoos and hunting socks.


Anyway, this Saturday, April 23 the latest series of Doctor Who is starting up both in the UK and in North America on BBC America. For me this is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and a bit of St. Patrick’s Day all rolled into one. So I thought it was the perfect time to have a Doctor Who-themed podcast to celebrate the awesomeness that is sure to arrive here on TV in a few days time.


Now, my original goal was to just give a BRIEF primer on the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Afterall, Doctor Who is still a little unknown in the States. Trouble is, Doctor Who has been on TV since 1963, that’s nearly 50 years of nerdgasm I was trying to contain and keep under an hour! Well, I failed. I had too much to say, and frankly I just scratched the surface.


So if you care to listen to the Doctor Who podcast PLEASE know up front that I was scrambling to pack in as many facts as I could, in a manner I hoped made sense to newbies. If you have any questions, please contact me and I can clarify.


And for ant die-hard Doctor Who fans who might be listening in, I want to apologize up front because I breeze over a LOT, and in my quest to keep it as simple as possible for the “not-we” to understand, I think I may have ruffled some potential feathers:

++ For example, looking back I’m afraid I said too many bad things about producer John Nathan Turner. Honestly, I do blame him for a lot of the mess the show had in the 1980s — but he did indeed bring some good things as well. I just felt like I didn’t have the time to explain the entire history, so I think it might have come off as too much of an attack.

++ Also, I greatly regret my decision to NOT mention Big Finish by name. I do talk about the Doctor Who audio stories, but in my quest for simplicity I referred to them with a generic “radio story” label. Again, I was covering A LOT of info and I didn’t want to overly confuse any new-comers with too many names of different production companies. However, I now feel like that was a mistake, and I will make sure there is a link to Big Finish in the actual podcast post. (Basically, Big Finish productions were the outside company that was licesned by the BBC to make audio drama starting in the late 90s, when the BBC was not interested in making a TV show. I should have given credit where it is indeed due.)

++ Also, there are a few remarks against Barbara Wright. I could have come to her defense, but I felt like I was fighting the clock and wanted to move on. So a big apology to all the Babs fans out there, because she did indeed rock. And Ian was TOTALLY into that!


So by all means, please listen in if you can stand to hear a studdering 40-something go on and on about a TV show. Sure it’s the greatest bestest most amazing TV show ever made ever … but it’s still probably a little sad!

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