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Call for pricing

I wonder if George Lucas knows about this ….

That’s right, you too can order and fall to sleep among the stars in your very own custom made “Deep Space Fighter Bed.” Available for sale right HERE from Posh Tots.

I don’t know what I like more about this … the fact that they don’t give a price (obviously if you NEED to ask the price then you can NOT afford it), or that the bed’s name cleverly avoids using potentially lawsuit-incurring words like star or wars!  That’s right, the official name is a “Deep Space Fighter Bed” … it’s NOTHING like the pre-Tie Fighter things that Anakin Skywalker was flying around in the best of the crap Star Wars films!

Still, I think the thing that really bugs me is how much space it takes up … oh wait, HA! I said “space” by accident! Ha ha … uh. I mean, I live in a teeny tiny house and don’t have enough living space in my bedroom for even a dresser. But this lucky posh kid has room for not only a place to store his space suits but ample room for solar panels and struts. STRUTS! Oh, I used to DREAM of having room for struts!

Personally I’d rather sleep in a Millennium Falcon bed. That way I could hide out in the secret pillow-case compartment.

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