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Zero points of articulation

I have so been waiting for this. Finally my action figure collection will be one step closer to pure  awesome.

I give you, as seen in the 1968 Stanley Kubrick action-adventure thriller “2001: A Space Odyssey” ….



Yeah! Take that G.I. Joe and Teddy Ruxpin!

This could very well be the missing piece I’ve been looking for in my quest to bring sentient awareness to my vintage Star Wars action figures. I have about four Chewbacca figures … I plan to gather them around this baby, give them little clubs, and sit back to watch the magic!

I only wish it came with accessories. Of course, that’s how they get you. Next year there will be a new version of the exact same figure, only this time it will come with a hat.

Still, that only leaves me one last item I need in my hunt for the ultimate toy collection. I’m desperately awaiting the day when it is announced that the Simpsons have an “inanimate carbon rod” figure, hopefully in time for Christmas.

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3 Responses to “Zero points of articulation”

  1. Paul says:

    I’m surprised that I’m actually interested in this…yep. That’s right. Although I suppose if I really thought it was worth it I would have made my own monolith by now out of spray painted foam, or paid someone to cut a piece of steel for me with a welders torch. I’m just not as motivated as I used to be. Maybe I need to change my diet…

  2. Dave says:

    Actually, the Inanimate Carbon Rod has already been immortalized in plastic, so TO THE MALL!

  3. SarahPeas says:

    must have!!!

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