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Real Estate With A Wonderful View Of Hell

This year on Medieval Homerama we are featuring a lovely 13th century Scottish castle! On a beautiful 321-acre woodland near Gifford, this remarkable rustic ruin will be your ticket to “yester”-year and perhaps just a little bit more!

Yester Castle is believed to have been started by Sir Hugo de Giffard, who was rumoured to have performed black magic. The leading necromancer of his time, nicknamed The Wizard of Yester, he also supposedly had a knack for picking out tapestries…of course that has all burned away now and we are left with this charming cold, dank, underground lair.

The chamber itself, nicknamed the Goblin Ha’, was supposed to be the handiwork of Hugo and an army of hobgoblins who he could summon thanks to his deliciously nasty rapport with the evil one. And what a MARVELOUS job they did! The vaulted ceiling of the chamber is one of the earliest examples of secular gothic architecture. Those plucky northerners…what will they think of next? How many homeowners could say their basement was built by goblins, eh?? 2, maybe 3 tops!

The family of the late Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti is splitting the estate, selling the swank and ostentatious 14-bedroom Yester house seperately, thereby allowing us to sell this beautiful woodland and the spectacular Yester castle wreck for a steal!!

Are you looking for that perfect place to host your supernatural party for the breathless? Do you yearn to hear the bloodless screams of the ancients erased from this plane of existence?? Do you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight??? Well look no further lads and lasses. Welcome to the party estate of black magic, population you! Consider yourself the Spuds Mackenzie of the dark arts. The bidding will begin at £450,000. (hobgoblins not included)

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  1. SarahPeas says:

    Please. I have my OWN hobgolblins…… I would like to bid 450,000…..

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