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Nessie’s younger, hotter cousin?

The Loch Ness monster usually gets all the press when it comes to celebrity lake creatures. But it now seems like Nessie is old news, having to make way for younger more photogenic creatures. Yes, just like how Kim Kardashian has replaced Loni Anderson in the hearts of the paprazzi, so has Bow-Nessie grabbed the spotlight from Scotland’s former queen of the beasties.
This photo was reportedly snapped late last week with a camera phone by Tom Pickles. He and friend Sarah Harrington were kayaking on LakeLake Windemere, the largest natural lake in England. At first they thought it was a dog swimming, but soon realized it was much bigger and fast, more like a snake — and they estimated it was cruising along at 10 miles per hour. The humps were reported to be moving in a rippling motion, and the skin seemed like a seal’s. They watched it for about 20 seconds before their nerves gave out and paddled quickly back to shore.
So is it a hoax? I’m optimistic that it’s real … for one thing, it’s NOT looking like a plesiosaur, which is usually a dead-giveaway for spotting hoaxes. It seems to fit in more with the giant eel theory that gaining momentum for the Loch Ness explanation.
But then again the reason the two were on the lake in the first place is they were taking part in a “team-building exercise” for the IT company they both work for. So let’s do the math … tech-minded computer people out for the day, possibly bored by a lot of corporate double-speak and pep talk? What would you do?
Anyway, I say file this under “definitely maybe.”
But who is Bow-Nessie? Witnesses have long reported seeing a long hump-backed something-or-other in Lake Windemere. At 11 miles long and 220 feet deep, the lake is located in the north west Lake District of England. Long known for tourism, Lake Windemere is now becoming a monster hot-spot. In fact over the past five years sightings have been more numerous than anything reported in Loch Ness. The nickname “Bow-Nessie” is a pun derived from the Scottish lake monster and the large tourist town Bowness-on-Windermere, which sits on the shores of the lake.
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