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Myna – Open Mic Night On The Cloud

Calling all music geeks.

Do you like birds? Personally, I think they’re creepy. The winged kind anyway. But musicians everywhere might find the Aviary a welcome place. has created a suite of online creation tools that allow the low-budget aspiring musician/songwriter to create on the fly with little hardware requirements because it’s all done in the cloud using flash.


That’s right. You heard me. Specifically, their applications called Myna and Roc. Myna is a 10-track recording interface that allows you to record directly from your mic to your browser to the cloud. You can fool around with loops provided by a 3rd party if you like, but the real appeal is just that you can record raw tracks, or import music files directly from your computer. What does all this mean? Well, perhaps not a lot right away, but potentially it means having a mobile music workstation on your iPad in the future if Apple could ever get this whole Adobe Flash thing situated.

For now it’s just a cool little collection of applications to play around with. One of  the cons that has been sited is that you’re only allowed 10 tracks to record to. But is that really a con?? If you look at the history of multi-track recording you might come across a little dilema they had back in the beginning where they could only record 4 tracks at a time. Eventually it became 8 and so on…but how did they overcome this hardware limitation? They took 3 tracks, mixed them, and bounced them down to a single track. Viola! Suddenly they have 3 extra tracks again. For all you Beatle fans out there, their producer George Martin was famous for this. Just record the root tracks, bounce them down (ie, save as wav or mp3 and then import them again), and then play overtop of them. Yes, you do get a little sound degradation in this process, but hey…if it’s good enough for the Beatles then it’s good enough for you. And if that’s not enough evidence for you, The Black Keys got their first record deal based on a 6 song demo done on a 4-track recorder. Enough said about that. *A quick post-publish note – you’re only allowed to record 2 minutes of music through a mic at a time. This is a pretty gnarly hinderence, but I still think this is fun program to play around with.*

The Roc is your basic midi/beat sequencer. You might remember one of my previous posts about the Reason iPad app. This essentially does the same thing, but the samples are different, the interface is a little more user-friendly, but you can only have one big sequence.

Now, it should be noted that should you record anything organic, it will still only sound as good as the quality of your microphone. That said, I don’t think anyone will be using Myna to create a finished product…yet. The big question at hand for the serious songwriter out there would be about licencing. It just so happens that they allow you to choose how you wish to license your saved material. All Right Reserved is the default just in case you were wondering… Pretty cool, eh?

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