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More of the same from his Bayness

Along with truly geekworthy films advertised during the Super Bowl, in an ad that at first looked like a commercial for “,” Transformers 3 screeched & flashed for a few seconds for the ADD set . In the mish-mash of images, we see Shia, Bumblebee, Tyrese, the new girl, and lots of crap happening. There are a few “what-are-they-doing?” moments – what appears to be a flying dragon, or perhaps some sort of giant bird. Laserbeak? Swoop? Silverbolt? A nod to Beast Wars Megatron’s dragon mode? I’m not super concerned, as I’m sure they’ll just ruin a classic character. Personally, I’m looking forward to Cowboys and Aliens. Hold on & watch, if you dare.

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  1. Dave says:

    This thing is gonna be migraine-inducing in 3D – the other two were bad enough to follow in 2D. Also, Shia in 3D isn’t something I’m looking forward to (“runrunRunRunRUNRUNRUNRUN!” comin’ right atcha).

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