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Great. Now the stores that housed 80’s toys are retro.

There is a nifty little article at RetroJunk about Toys R Us. I am one of those fellas that geeks out over how much things change over time, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about taking photos of toy stores when I was eight, so I’m glad somebody did. There are some modern and 80’s photos for comparison and – oh, dear lord! An original Megatron! Jetfire! Metroplex! All mint in box! I’ll take three of each!

The article makes no mention of the attempts to make Toy R Us a one-stop-shop for parents about… uh… ten years ago. My local TRUs were remodeled to include: a barber shop, a photography studio, party supply/planning station, a candy/slushie station, and a jungle gym. Weekly events were held (arts & crafts, Pokemon tournaments), but it all fell apart and those rooms are used for storage now. Was this an experiment not implemented nationwide?

I used to work for TRU back when it was a toy cave and let me tell you, the stock area was equally cavernous. I can say with some authority there was some grab-ass going on back there. Ah, the good old days.

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