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Enough With the Robin Rumors

Yes, it’s true that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to be in talks with Chris Nolan and his Bat-franchise for a role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Yes, it’s true that no one has any idea at this point what role the Inception actor might play.

But NO, I don’t believe for a minute the role will be that of Dick Grayson or Jason Todd or Tim Drake or any other iteration of the character best known as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. That seems to be the rumor of the moment on the InterWeb, and I call bullsh*t.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does not necessarily a Robin make.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the character of Robin (and no, I’m not talking Chris O’Donnell here),  but he does not fit into Nolan’s Bat-universe. Period. Nolan himself has been quoted as saying that Dick Grayson is “probably in a crib somewhere” if he indeed exists in the Nolan storyline at all. Why? Because Batman is still figuring out how to do this protecting Gotham gig for himself. THAT’S the story.

If  you saw The Dark Knight, you saw Batman turn away copycats; he doesn’t want to involve other so-called vigilantes in his fight for Gotham, he wants to protect people from said fight. He wants to give the authorities the power to run the show without him, not continue being Batman or to train a partner or potential understudy.

I will, however, admit that Rope of Silicon did a nice piece of reporting that leaves the door open by refuting some old quotes attributed to star Christian Bale and Nolan himself. I respect that Nolan is a director who has shown he can pull off just about anything and somehow gain our suspension of disbelief, so if he decides to take the Robin route, I’ll shut my yap. But at this moment, I’m sticking with the original plan: There will not be a Robin character in The Dark Knight Rises.

UPDATE: MoviesOnline.com is now quoting an “insider” as saying that Levitt’s role will be that of Alberto Falcone, aka the Holiday Killer. Falcone’s father, Carmine, appeared in Batman Begins and was played by Tom Wilkinson. The Holiday Killer was a key element in The Long Halloween, a story arc in the comic books in the late 1990s, with the events set shortly after Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One series. This casting is not yet confirmed, obviously, but certainly this would make more sense in terms of Nolan’s continuity for the trilogy.

UPDATE 2: Some idiot out there is speculating that JGL is going to play “the Joker’s brother” in TDKR. Ha! Hilarious. Another site is reporting an inside source saying that Levitt will play “Harold Quinn” — a retooling of the Harley Quinn character, who of course is the Joker’s female accomplice in the comics and animated series. For the record, I hate this idea.

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2 Responses to “Enough With the Robin Rumors”

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting. You know, he looks like he would be in a comedy version of Batman & Robin. But then, I think I’m still equating him with the twerp from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m excited about the JGL casting; I love his post-3rd-Rock work, and he actually has some decent dramatic chops. That said, I just can’t even fathom Nolan going with a Robin, for both chronology and credibility.

    And Harold Quinn? WTH? Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t think that a Batman fan would balk like hell at that?

    Spin the wheel again and see if someone tries to insert a Marvel crossover into this flick. Sheesh! Woo hoo for the innernets! 😉

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