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Tower of Technobabble 3 – Bigfoot Jerks


Freshly baked and hot out of the oven, a new episode of Tower of Technobabble!

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This week, we:

– Take a look at the end of Caprica, and wonder what the hell went wrong,
– Examine if the recent mass bird deaths are a sign of the apocalypse, or just a wacky co-winky-dink
– Watch Star Wars Deleted Magic and the RedLetterMedia review of Revenge of the Sith
– Wonder why some bigfoot “experts” are such gol-darned jerks.

Join us, won’t you?

Show Links:
Caprica and,

Bird Kills,, and

Star Wars Deleted Magic
RedLetterMedia Reviews, and

Bigfoot Jerks and

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  1. Daggor says:

    Fudge. It looks like the SW clips are down, for the time being.

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