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Kentucky’s Chupa-coon

Back in episode #2 of the Tower of Technobabble podcast we talked about the alleged Chupacabra that was found in Kentucky in December of 2010 … and how it was probably a misidentified sick animal. Or “BS” in other words.

Again, we at the Tower have to stress that just because you can’t identify something odd does not automatically mean it’s a space monster. Unfortunately, “Chupacabra” has now become the generic name to explain any weird, small hairless dog-like animals found in rural areas.

We can now update you that yeah … it’s a raccoon. Confirmed.

Although there is an actual scientific curiosity about it — the hair loss is NOT due to mange.

Apparently there is an unexplained hair loss phenomenon happening more and more to animals in the eastern U.S., and scientists are not sure why. So it is hoped that the poor lil’ naked Kentucky raccoon can shed some answers.

Now, speaking personally as an animal who is experiencing hair loss myself, I hope these scientists figure out what is causing it …. FAST!

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