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I was a teen-age Batman?

So what would Bruce Wayne have been like in 11th grade? Would he have stolen Oswald Cobblepot’s lunch money and given Edward Nashton an atomic wedgie? Or would he have been the brooding, solitary outcast who always sat at his own table in the cafeteria?

Try tagging THIS class photo on Facebook ...

We’re talking about a kid just a few years removed from watching his parents be gunned down in an alley, for chrissakes, so  you just know the Batman was lurking just under the surface. Did he stop playground fights? Secretly take out bullies under shadow of night? Or did he sit around watching old Zorro movies, plotting his revenge?

Unfortunately, we may never know what he would have been like, but Celeste Green and Jeffrey Thomas at least got the idea started, via their (so far) unfinished creation, Gotham High. All we have are some cool drawings, but the Bat-philes among us certainly will enjoy looking. And wondering, “What if?”

(Special thanks to Kirk Kiefer for passing this one along …)

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2 Responses to “I was a teen-age Batman?”

  1. Dave says:

    I was hoping you saw that. One would think the body count at this high school would be higher than at Sunnydale High School….

  2. Ben says:

    The thing I don’t get is this: if Bruce starts going all vigilante on his school — and THESE are his classmates — won’t it be kind of obvious who is doing the vigilante-ing? I mean, Bruce really sticks out of the crowd in his normality.

    “Who attacked you and stole your lunch money? Did he sound raspy like a penguin?”

    “… um … no …”

    “Did he speak in riddles?”

    “… well … not really …”

    “Did he have scaly skin?”

    “… naw it was regular …”

    “OK, was the skin kind of bleached-looking?”

    “…noooo …. nothing weird like that….”

    “Did half his face look deformed?”

    “… um … no …he looked kind of normal really.”

    “ATTENTION — Bruce Wayne, report to the principal’s office!”

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