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Test photo – moto legend

Dave Barr’s military career was ended by a land mine explosion that took his legs, but that didn’t stop him from completing a series of epic motorcycling journeys around the globe.

Barr has ridden around the world, across Siberian Russia in the dead of winter, and to the four farthest points of Australia. In the process, he has written books, produced documentaries, earned two Guiness World Records, and established a charity foundation.

“Wouldn’t it be something to share this simple accomplishment of riding a motorcycle as a double amputee with disabled people the world over?”
-Dave Barr, writing in his book Riding the Edge.

Dave Barr was abandoned at birth in the back seat of a car in Los Angeles, Calif.

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2 Responses to “Test photo – moto legend”

  1. Paul says:

    Oh yes, and notice the oil pan underneath the display. Yes, that’s the actual bike.

  2. Daniel P Shurak Jr says:

    Yes it is the real deal I just saw this motorcycle at the AMA Museum…
    Quite the Story…
    God bless

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